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Sustainable profitable investment

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PV-Invest GmbH

PV–Invest develops innovative funding plans for private and institutional investors in order to build profitable photovoltaic power plants together with banks and financial institutions. Using renewable energy plays a key role in maintaining the ecological balance, while the democratisation or decentralisation of electricity generation ensures sustainable power supplies.

KPV Solar GmbH

KPV Solar is a leading Austrian Solar company designing and constructing utility size Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal (ST) power plants. KPV Solar plans and builds big size renewable power plants for international investors in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain and the Middle East.

Unser Kraftwerk Logo

Unser Kraftwerk GmbH

Unser Kraftwerk is one of the largest Austrian operators of solar power plants with community financing. The company caters to people with a sustainable mindset who are concerned about active environmental protection in combination with a profitable use of the invested captal. The mission of Unser Kraftwerk is: Clean energy from the region for the region.