• Total issue volume up to 15 million euros
  • Splitting into two bonds with different maturities
  • Investment in the form of private placement still possible
  • Admission to the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange on January 9th, 2017

Velden, January 9th, 2017. The corporate bonds (WKN A189CF / ISIN DE000A189CF6) (WKNA1885U / ISIN DE000A1885U8) issued by PV – Invest GmbH, one of the established photovoltaics companies in Austria, were included in the trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

In order to offer investors the greatest possible flexibility and short – term availability of their capital, both the PV – Invest photovoltaic bonds 2016 – 2023 and the PV – Invest photovoltaic bonds 2016 – 2026 were registered to trade on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

A private placement (with an investment of EUR 100,000 and above) is still possible for both PV – Invest photovoltaic bonds, up to the full utilization of the issue volume of EUR 15 million.

For further information, please call +43 (0) 4274 38290 13 or visit the company’s website www.pv-invest.com. In the case of investors who do not have their own securities account, PV – Invest GmbH offers the settlement via a trustee managed collective account.

“We have designed the bonds in this form because it corresponds to the financing period of the new PV power plants. This ensures that the company will derive the bonds from the cash flow and the income”, Günter Grabner the founder and managing director explains the two different terms.

The proceeds will mainly be invested in new, already connected to the grid PV power plants. “We have various options with a total volume of around 10 MW, all of which have a sufficient funding period of more than 10 years and thus generate a long-term predictable cash flow,” says Grabner. The PV plants are located in Germany and Central European countries.

PV – Invest GmbH operates in the renewable energy sector and produces electricity from photovoltaic power plants together with its subsidiaries. At present, the company has a portfolio of 23 MW in operation. On the other hand, the company plans and builds PV power projects in Europe and the MENA region. In total, the company has realized projects worth approximately 175 million euros in investment volume. The balance sheet total as of 31.12.2015 amounts to EUR 42.7 million. Within the framework of a corporate rating carried out by Creditreform Rating AG, PV – Invest GmbH received a satisfactory credit rating in November 2016 with the grade BB -.

Media and Investor Relations
Richard Petz
PV – Invest GmbH
+43 (0) 4274 38290 13

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