PV power plant Basell

The Basell PV plant has a capacity of 999 kWp and is connected to the local 20 kV medium-voltage grid belonging to Italian electricity supplier ENEL. It is installed on the roof of an industrial facility. This involved removing the original asbestos roofing and fitting new trapezoidal panels. We obtained the planning permission, lease, etc.

Installed modules

The photovoltaic modules used in the plant are supplied by Sun-Earth and have a nominal power of 250 Wp (watts peak) per module. Certified to IEC 61215, IEC 61730 and IP 65 by TÜV Rheinland (German product testing agency), the modules thus meet the world’s most stringent test standards for photovoltaic products.

Power plant operation

Operation specialists ENcome Energy Performance are responsible for organising and running the power plant. In order to keep a constant check on the photovoltaic power plant, a 24/7 monitoring system will be installed which sends all the plant’s performance parameters online to the control station in Klagenfurt. This enables the operator to detect even the slightest deviation and take the necessary corrective action immediately.


Country: Italy
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Nearest town: Ferrara
Connected to local ENEL electricity grid
GPS coordinates for Basell: 44°51’31.7″N 11°35’27.5″E


3.994 polycrystalline modules Sun Earth á 250 Wp
Siel central inverters
Roof-mounting system: HILTI
Certified Enel-transformers
24/7 Monitoring system


Total nominal power

998,50 kWp

Electricity yield

1.350 kWh/kWp


Roof renting contract

25 years pre-paid

EPC contractor

KPV Solar GmbH



Product warranty: 5 years on inverters and 10 years on mountings. Warranty for Sun-Earth modules: up to 25 years.


December 2013

Total nominal power in kWp

Electricity yield in kWh/kWp


Current Performance

0 kWh

Today production

0 kWh

Total production

0 kg